Sharon Tong is the chief practitioner in Praises Physiotherapy. She is a well experienced physiotherapist specialized in manual and manipulative therapy. She has worked in Hong Kong and Australia, and has extensive experience in treating cases of orthopedics, neurology, sport injury, paediatrics, geriatrics, surgical, medical and cardiopulmonary. She graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and gained her post-graduate qualifications from University of South Australia, The University of Sydney, Hong Kong Baptist University and Madrid School of Osteopathy and UPSA.

More than 20 years ago when Sharon was working in the mainstream of traditional and conventional health care system, she tackled with some patients with recurrent chronic and acute problems. She found that there were many patients kept coming back to doctors/therapists for years and queued for long time were just for temporary symptom relieve. Some patients had received multiple medications, repeated surgery, and different types of therapies. But the results were not satisfactory and the patients had to accept the recurrence of the symptom of their dysfunctions.

Sharon feels that everyone deserves a better health and better quality of life. Therefore, she seeks better ways of treatment for her patients.  She went to Australia in 1993 to further her studies in the field of orthopedic, sport medicine, neurology and manipulative therapy. In 1998, she decided to specialized herself to manual therapy after she completed her studies in Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy and Master of Applied Science in Manipulative Physiotherapy in Australia.

In pace with the progress of medicine and healthcare, Sharon keeps receiving advanced level trainings in different approaches and methods of osteopathy and alternative therapy, such as CranioSacral Therapy, Yuen Method, Integrative Manual Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Positional Release Therapy and Muscle Energy Technique. In addition, Sharon incorporates Chinese Medicine Philosophy into Western Medicine discipline which augments the possibility of success in curing serious disease or trauma. The body has its own natural ability of recovery. Different methods of treatment are ways to trigger and facilitate the body‘s own innate recovery process. For example, the wound can heal up by itself under favorable conditions. Through energy or manual works, the body’s innate intelligence is triggered to the recovery process.

Bodyworks lead to exploration and discovery of the root cause of the body dysfunction. People always gain greater personal insights and find ways to transform their lives. In fact, life is a process of understanding yourself and growth through transformation. Illness is just a chance for you to communicate with your own body. It is a chance to understand yourselves and transform. Because the body, mind and spirit can be integrated again through the works. For example, seemingly physical dysfunction such as back pain may be provoked by both physical structural problems, such as local soft tissue lesion, and non-structural problems, such as psychological and mental issues. The work can address both of these causes of problem and treat the real cause. It is the root cause of problem is being addressed in order to gain complete recovery.

Sharon’s approach is a holistic to assist client with the root cause of problem, and there are numerous successful cases of complete recovery of previously described as intractable problems.

Qualifications :

Register Physiotherapist in Hong Kong and Australia

Specialist in Manipulative Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy

Certified Yuen Method Master and Instructor

CranioSacral Therapist (Upledger Institute) – Advance CST level


Master Degree of Applied Science (Manipulative Physiotherapy) by The University of Sydney

Master of Osteopathy in Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunctions by Madrid School of Osteopathy & UPSA

Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy by University of South Australia

Professional Diploma in Physiotherapy by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Professional Development Diploma in Acupuncture for Physiotherapists by Hong Kong Baptist University

Member of Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association

Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association

Member of Integrative Manual Therapy Association

Member of The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

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