About Us

Praises Physiotherapy is founded in 2002, we are clinic in the base of conventional medicine combined with advanced knowledge of alternative health and wellness. We are using holistic and professional approach to assist our clients.

Our clients will be assessed in detailed to find out the root causes (can be physical or non physical causes) of their problems.   A most appropriate treatment plan will be implemented for the individual needs of our clients. We aim at providing the most effective treatment to assist people from the root causes.

We based on the concepts that the body has its own natural healing ability. The techniques and methods we use are cutting-edge modalities to facilitate the body to heal up from the lesion in an most efficient and effective way. And we can assist people from all ages and all kinds.

Our treatment:

  • promote body natural healing
  • holistic
  • advanced and up-to-dated therapy
  • gentle, with no side effect
  • effective
  • aiming at treating the cause of disease, illness or dysfunction
  • maximize the potential of normal function and development
  • non-invasive, safe, non-painful
  • reliable and efficient

We use multiple methods approach to achieve the best result to relieve pain or other symptoms within the shortest period of time. At the same time, we are treating the root cause of problem. Our aim is to improve the health and quality of life of our clients. Our treatment is a comprehensive solution that benefits all types of patients. In many cases, patients who seek our therapies have undergone previous treatments with limited success, and find our therapies to be a sustainable answer to their health care needs.



We are the BEST CHOICE for you if you are undergoing the following conditions :-

  • You are suffering from recurrent symptoms of pain in anywhere in the body, which seems never go away even though you have prolonged treatment before.
  • You have problem with bizarre pattern of pain, and the problem seems to be incurable. Then your doctors or therapists tell you that you have to live with the pain in the rest of your life after years of different kinds of treatment.
  • You are frustrated with conventional medication and surgical procedure by their side-effects or ineffectiveness in helping you.
  • You want some treatment to be natural, non-invasive, gentle and promote healing from the root cause, so that you can undergo process of complete recovery and live a normal life.
  • Your kid is suffering from developmental problem, such as Speech Delay, Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism, which bring challenges to the whole family. The improvement seems to be slow and limited after special training in schools and special care centers.

Remember , you are not alone !

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