Kammy Yuen

I have a lot of blockages in my heart that I can’t let go; my relationship with my child’s father has deteriorated; I work all day to make a living. In the absence of a sense of security, the wall my daughter built to protect herself is getting thicker day by day; my son is emotionally affected.  In this heartache, I met Dr. Sharon in November 2019 last year.
After less than half a year of treatment, I let go of a lot of thoughts; my daughter opened the window of my heart and talked with me about her many thoughts and feelings. Not only did the relationship with me get closer, I also became her backing support and encourage her to move forward in life. The son is also cheerful! The key is that their father is changed also even though he did not see Dr. Sharon, he does not made unreasonable criticisms and demands on the children any more.
Thanks to the wisdom of Dr. Sharon, which helped us relieve a lot of burdens. In the future, we will definitely have greater positive energy to accompany us!


In 2003, my son was finally connected with autism, and he had never called me “Mum”, that made me heartbroken. After a year of life in the mainstream kindergarten, including pull, drag, beat, scold, and coax, he transferred studies to a special training centre in the following year. He was barely able to survive in all aspects of training, but he had never said what he wanted, or did not what. I just guessed what he needed and had never understood him.

I know Sharon Tong by chance, who lights up our way and direction. Of course, no one can give any affirmation and definite commitment (e.g. helping you to lose weight by six pounds twelve-inch package in 10 days, if you said, I would not believe it!). But Dr. Tong’s sincere and caring heart gives me courage to go for this long journey with my son.

After three months, my son cried during the treatment session and he said “I don’t want to eat oatmeal! I don’t want to eat oatmeal!” Oh my God, I finally understand the reason why he refuses to eat breakfast in the training centre every day. He did not say it in school, nor at home. But he did say it in the treatment room where he feels safe and relieved.

Three years later, although my son was not fully catch up with normal school standard, he was manage to start his studies in the mainstream secondary schools, which was my extravagant hopes two years ago. He was in middle grade in the first examination results, good conduct, was in excellent grade in the Public English Speech Competition, I am so delighted.
Sharon Tong, you make me confirm my trust and my choice in you, and I sincerely appreciate your dedication and support.


Sharon Tong and her staff of Praises Physiotherapy provide a very caring environment. Sharon’s gentle technique produces amazing results.  I highly recommend her treatment.


A fully qualified physiotherapist who is also a fully qualified cranio-sacral therapist is the best option for any patient with any problem!


Beautiful heart

After numerous disappointments, when I was in frustrated helplessness, I met superb therapist like you.

You were extremely attentive to investigate my condition, with a friendly smile on your face. You used your skillful hands, your keen sensation, your eager heart, your sincere concern for the patient, to treat my never-ending chronic illness.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, I feel your care, I experience your persistence, I see your beautiful heart, which is more important than your extraordinary medical skills.


Praises Physiotherapy improves a lot of my injuries. In the bottom left of my waist, which is close to the hip region, there is as a small long bone growth, resulting in frequent pain no matter when I was walking or sitting. A church friend of mine introduced Praises Physiotherapy to me, and I came here for treatment.

After receiving several sessions of treatment, my pain had reduced a lot, and later on there is no more pain.

In addition, in some period of time in the past, I often felt pressure around the heart area. Once I had these episodes, my study and play were affected. The condition slowly improved under Sharon’s treatment.  In addition to treating the problems, Sharon also explained the causes of illness and what would be expected to change after treatment. That helps me more clearly understand my body condition. Now I no longer have any uncomfortable feeling.

Until today, I am still having treatment in Praises Physiotherapy, because I have right wrist and shoulder injuries, but the condition is improving.

So I am grateful to Sharon who helps me a lot. I improved a lot from those injuries, and even some of them are recovered. At the mean time, thanks God for his amazing   arrangement of such an excellent doctor for me!

Virginia Tsang & family

“Understand” the real needs of all patients with “heart”, and gives them the most appropriate treatment, is my true feelings from Dr. Tong when I were receiving physiotherapy in Praises Physiotherapy in the past.

I am really pleased and very grateful to Dr. Tong’s careful treatment and care, so that I can go towards the realization of my ideals and goals step by step, even after the onset of my illness. I remember two months after the birth of my second baby, I suddenly had continued pain near the L4L5 spinal area in my back. After several months of ordinary physical therapy and diagnostic assessment from traditional orthopaedic surgeons, there was no improvement. They even claimed that I would never fully recover, the only thing I could do is to avoid the pain gets worse! At that moment my life was in the bottom of troughs.

I wondered how I am going to live with the pain in the future? My back pain was endlessly teasing me, I really wanted to have my third baby but I dared not to talk about it. In fact, I had trouble in taking care of my two kids. Thanks God for his guidance and prayers be answered. At that moment, through the recommendation of parents of my eldest daughter’s classmate, I started receiving Dr. Tong’s hand-touch therapy for the first time on 1st April 2006. Since then, I have witnessed with my physical condition continues to improve, no matter in “body, mind and spirit”, have a great progress and breakthrough. My four years old daughter is also benefit from Praises Physiotherapy, she had serious rubella affecting her face. After few months of Dr. Tong’s caring treatment, she gets completely cured. There is no more swollen and itchiness on the surface of her face! On the 31 December 2007, I successfully underwent natural delivery to my third baby for our family. The feeling of great satisfaction and real joyfulness is never forgotten.

Here by now, I sincerely recommend Praises Physiotherapy to every person in need, and sincerely wish you all, through Dr. Tong’s sincere caring treatment, can completely get rid of any pain and any cause of illness as soon as possible, and can be a really healthy and happy person!

I bless you all, and wish Dr. Tong and her staff are always in the grace of God!


Dear Sharon,

I am grateful to your treatment. Your therapy releases my pain with your gracious hands.  I have not taken any drug for 10 months, can you believe?! Less ingestion of toxin to my body! Thanks again for reminding me the intrinsic ability of self-healing that everyone has.

Significance to me also from the change of my attitude towards my body (my value partner) as inspired from you.  Your encouraging me to explore, realize & accept myself is important.  I start to acquaint with my body, I start to listen to her, and I start to response to her, rather than to suppress the signal passed to me.  Now I can   manage to recover from emotional discomfort in a very fast manner.

I wish both of you and your staff be happy and healthy.  Look forward to see you again in your new office.

Kammy Poon

Sharon Tong – Merciful caring heart ; Graceful healing hands ; Wonderful therapist ; My years’ pains and problems are subsided ; Thanks for your help and care.


Our knowledge about “Integrative Manual Therapy” ─ IMT is limited, even after reading the information online, nor is it a lot more to know. I feel that this treatment is only a bit alternative, and it would not have any side effects. So relying on the peace in my heart and the attitude of trying in my mind, my husband and I decided to let our child to accept this treatment.

Four years ago, our older son was diagnosed with autism. Then several years of special trainings, including sensory integration, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, visual training, music therapy, drug detoxification (mercury), etc. had been completely occupied my family life. Of course, my son had made a lot of progress with the above treatments, but he still needs to be improved.

Four months ago, I was referred by my colleague, my son started the IMT treatment. He had three sessions every week initially, we can manage the arrangement, so he is still receiving this treatment. In these four months, my son is obviously asking more questions, with much faster reaction, and the topic of conversation is also wider. He is more concern and attentive to other’s conversation and actively ask for the details. The most obvious improvement is his emotions. Previously he would only react   with crying to sudden changes in usual custom. But now he is only occasionally crying, which is much less than before, nor he is as stubborn as in the past. In addition, recently I found that he is more concentrated on doing homework, and less making daydream, the school teacher said so. He still has room for further improvement, my husband and I will continue to let him try. The reason is we find confidence and love here — Thanks for your hands and your love.

Mrs. Cheung

My daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and then she was enrolled in special child care centers. Along with the intensive training and her growing up, her intelligence and emotional behavior definitely improved a lot. All instructors agreed to let her try to enroll in mainstream primary school. However, her language comprehension and expression ability is still stagnant without progression, as well as weakness in social behavior, occasionally out of control emotions and bigotry. They added a lot of difficulties and worries into the mainstream school lives.

As one of the classmates of my daughter, who was in the same training group with my daughter, showed significant progression. His behavior, emotion, intellect and language are no different from mainstream children. His parents recommended Praises Physiotherapy to us and my daughter started treatment in July 2007.

Until now, my daughter has already received therapy for eight months. She gets more motivation to speak, sometimes she will try very hard to think, then like a problematic tape recorder try very hard to say simple phrases. Sometimes she will take the initiative to play simple games with his elder brother at home. There is also progress in self control in emotion. When she is stubborn and not recognized by others, she will cry and vent out the emotion. Then she will take the initiative to apologize to the adults and everything goes fine again.

In September of this year, my daughter will be admitted to mainstream secondary school. I will let her continue with the treatment. I hope she will have further improvements to meet new challenges.


I think after the treatment, my condition is improved. Moreover, I think the atmosphere here really make me relax that I can’t find elsewhere.


I had low back pain that bothered me for a long time, it is healed by the treatment and I can move easily now. The treatment also makes me more aware of my daily eating habits, notices and improves my body. Thanks Sharon for your care and patience.

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