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Yuen Method (YM)


Origin of YM

Yuen Method is developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, originally a chiropractor, developed this technique after a life time study in the Ancient Chinese Shaolin temple Healing and homeopathic medicine. Whereas many basic concepts of human energy, exercise and martial arts were discovered and developed by generations of dedicated Shaolin masters.

What is YM ?

Yuen Method is a combination of Anatomy, Physiology, Structural Analysis,  Quantum Physics, Energetic Technique and Qi Gong. Yuen Method consultants identify root causes of problem, and clear and shift the weakness. It is a touch-free technique, which use intuition to clear the memories of weakness in the patient’s body, mind and spirit, so that the problem – such as pain, allergies, traumas, negative thought and emotion, will not be created. This method can instantly (within 1 min) identify the real causes of stress and pain, and immediately relieve the pain and solve the problems. With no exercise, no herb, no tool, no physical contact, and also not related to religion. It can also be combined with any kind of manual therapy to produce a wonderful effect.  It can help you to improve your ability to cope with illness, and for you and your doctor to obtain a more satisfactory health outcomes. It can also increase your energy, and maximise your potential to reduce the aging process of the body, mind, and spirit in a quick way.

How is YM performed ?

Yuen Method is a Scientific and Energetic Technique. It is based on the concept that human are multi-faceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness. By aligning all levels of consciousness congruently pain is eliminated instantly and goals can be achieved. Illnesses and diseases are composed of different levels – physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual. Complete healing up means you are balance in all levels. Yuen Method Consultants identify the deeper core issues or the root of the problem on all levels. By strengthening the weakness it makes people energetically strong, allows restoration of balance in all levels and leads to instant results. Yuen Method training uses intuition to test for strong or weak energy,  to identify / determine the deep core issues of the problem, and use intention and energy to delete the unnecessary “files” and biocomputer “virus” in the central nervous system , and then rewrite the computer program (reset). It can instantly eliminate the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual pain and suffering.

What problems can YM help ?

Yuen Method is a powerful technique which shows promising results in eliminating agonizing and recurrent pain, long term ailments, allergies, traumas, negative emotions and thoughts; as well as improving relationships and prosperity, and professional and personal achieving goals. It enables individuals to enjoy optimum health, prosperity, success in life, harmony in relationships and personal progress and growth.

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