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Yuen Method 元氏技術 Podcast


I would like to invite you to subscribe to our new weekly Yuen Method podcast

Yuen Method is about solving life problems and solve them immediately. This method will not only address your health problems, but change them and change you not have any effects from them to you and your family. Yuen Method can do the same with negative relationships and insufficient prosperity.

It enables individuals to enjoy optimum health, prosperity, success in life, harmony in relationships and personal progress and growth. It can also increase your energy, and maximize your potential to reduce the aging process of the body, mind, and spirit in a quick way. We will experience our much improved and enhanced perception towards life and self.

This podcast is aiming to let more people know about Yuen Method and experience this powerful but simple and fast way to improve life. This is a safe method everyone can learn to do it, to benefit themselves and others, and animals as well.


The podcast :-
Every Thursday at 8 pm Hong Kong Time (From 30 March 2023) on Zoom
* We will talk about some life experiences and experiences with Yuen Method
* Attendees experience strengthening from the group
* Individual attendees may ask question to get problem improved or some may resolved on the spot
* Ask me anything (AMA) once a month
* Audio recording at the end of each episode
* Language – Cantonese with some English terms

This is not an online clinic, so people want to have their problems completely resolved need to make individual consultation session

Prerequisite qualification : none
Both newbee or students who have learned Yuen Method before all are welcome

Do subscribe and inform your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, relatives, anyone who need improvement in their life about this podcast, you will have their problems quickly resolved


Subscribe link :


Stay Strong,
Sharon Tong


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