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New Upcoming Class in February 2020


Yuen  Method  is a technology composed of science, medicine and energy. It is created by Dr. Kam Yuen, and is a powerful energetic technique.  By this technique a person can instantly (within a minute) identify the root causes of pain & stress and immediately relieve pain & life problems.  No exercise, no herbs, no tools, and no physical contact are needed.  It is also independent of faith and religion.   It can also be combined with any kind of manual therapy to produce a wonderful effect.


The human brain and the central nervous system work together like a computer system. Pain arises when there is an accumulation of too many unneeded programs slow down our computer system and caused energy congestion.  Yuen Method is a simple way to find the root cause of any life issue, to delete and rewrite our computer program (for Strengthening and Deletion ) and to remove the sabotages that hold us back from life and to optimize performance in all aspects of life .


It can help you to improve your ability to cope with illness, and for you and your doctor to obtain more satisfactory health outcomes.  It shows promising results in eliminating agonizing and recurrent pain, long term ailments, allergies, traumas, negative emotions and thoughts; as well as improving relationships and prosperity, and professional and personal achieving goals. It enables individuals to enjoy optimum health, prosperity, success in life, harmony in relationships and personal progress and growth. It can also increase your energy, and maximize your potential to reduce the aging process of the body, mind, and spirit in a quick way. At the end of the course we will experience our new super-speed computer system & much improved and enhanced perception towards life and self.






You will learn how to test for energetic weakness and how to make yourself and others energetically strong. Learn how to identify the issues causing problem and strengthen the weaknesses to resolve the problem.


²   Testing for energetic weakness.

²   Making yourself energetically strong.

²   The 6 levels of influence.

²   Your central nervous system, spinal cord, and how it affects you.

²   The lymphatic system and how to properly detox using the system that was designed for this.

²   Application of energetic diagnosis.

²   Pinpointing sources and causes of pain and dysfunctions.

²   Oxygenate and hydrate the body.

²   Resolving muscular-skeletal pains and dysfunctions.

²   Strengthen bones and joints as well as structural realignment and instability.

²   Learning and mental improvement.

²   Resolve fears, phobias, and negative emotions.

²   Karmic, spiritual, and ancestral resolutions.

²   Elimination stress, anxiety, and tension.

²   Correct for money and finance. Improved relationships.

²   Eliminate side effects of medications, petrol-chemicals, heavy metals and other chemicals.

²   Self corrections, distance, and remote corrections.





Speed up your technique and learn specific protocols and shortcuts


²   Speeding up the Level 1 techniques.

²   Resolve disorders of vision and eyes.

²   Elimination of ear, nose and throat infections, allergies and colds.

²   Correct respiratory and digestive ailments like asthma, indigestion and acid reflux and hiatal hernia.

²   Clear PMS and menstrual pains and balance hormones.

²   Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, headaches, migraines.

²   TMJ and jaw pain.

²   Heart and circulation dysfunctions, high blood pressure.

²   Diarrhea, constipation, colitis and crohn’s disease.

²   Numbness and burning sensations.

²   Balance hormone production. Internal organ dysfunction, brain fog and mental confusion.


YM is not going to substitute your doctors/therapists, but it can speed up recovery and success




Date :   Level  1 : 22, 23 February 2020 ( Saturday & Sunday )

Level  2 :  29 February & 1 March 2020  ( Saturday & Sunday)

Time :   10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Venue :  Praises Physiotherapy

Unit F, 12/F., Kings Wing Plaza 1, No. 3 On Kwan Street, Shek Mun, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong.


Course Fee :



Normal Fee

Early Bird Fee

(On or before 10 January 2020)

Level 1

HK$5,000 HK$4,800
Level 2

HK$6,800 HK$6,600
Level  1 + 2  Discounted Combo


HK$11,000 HK$10,600
Repeat  Level  1  +  New  level  2  Discounted Combo


HK$10,000 HK$9,600
Repeat  Level  1


HK$3,600 HK$3,300
Repeat  Level  2


HK$4,800 HK$4,600
Repeat  Level  1 + 2  Discounted Combo


HK$8,000 HK$7,600


Prerequisite qualification : None, all are welcome. But previous attendance of Level 1 is required before attending Level 2.

Language : Cantonese with some English terms






Sharon Tong,

MAppSc, GDPhy, PDPhy, DipAc.

Certified Yuen Method Master and Instructor

Sharon Tong is a physiotherapist and Certified Yuen Method Master and Instructor. She has qualifications of Master Degree of Applied Science (Manipulative Physiotherapy) from The University of Sydney, Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy from University of South Australia, and Master Degree in Osteopathy from Spain. Other than that, she has extensive studies and works related to health, energy and manual therapy. With 30 years of clinical experience, she has successfully assisted thousands of patients with various kinds of diseases and conditions, and she has been teaching professionals and general public.


She started to learn Yuen Method from Dr. Kam Yuen since 2007, and applying Yuen Method with or without combining manual therapy techniques, to assist different kinds of patients. She found that the result is remarkable and rapid, in achieving successful recovery or improvement in the patients’ problems, such as children with autistic disorders, ADD, learning disability and delayed development, and adults with emotional problems, complicated pain, brain and neurological lesions, allergy, injuries, post-surgery complications, different musculoskeletal problems, blood pressure and circulatory problem, internal organ dysfunction, lymphatic and swelling problem, relationship problem and job/life achievements, etc. She also found that Yuen Method is an amazing method to improve general well-being of a person, family and community. It allows our body, mind and spirit to restore balance, undergo changes and improve to a better life.





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Further information about Yuen Method :


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